Chocolate Dating Game

By caramelt


Have you ever wondered what goes on the funniest, quirkiest, dirtiest corner of your lover’s mind? Or maybe you just want to have a hint of her/his/their wildest experiences? Then this game is for you!

The rules are simple: You will each chose a bonbon flavor at a time; your partner will ask the corresponding question that comes beside it.

You will only gain the right to eat your bonbon if you answer the question asked. If you decide not to answer, your loss, the other person gets to eat the treat instead. Simple, but daring!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The truffles do not contain preservatives. After shipped, consume between 10 days. Please account shipping time in this timeline! The truffles can be stored in fridge. 


MAY CONTAIN: Traces of peanuts, Tree nuts, Gluten, Soy.